Thailand vs Lithuania

Thailand or Lithuania, Siray Kong or Tina Kay? Pick ONE!

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  • It is time for the international foot tournament. In the twentyfirst round we have Thailand vs. Lithuania. For the tournament I have to adjust my rules, since only two competitors are in one video with several feet. I will see, which competitor is the better one per picture and the one wins , to whom most of the better pictures belong. For the beginning, let us see, who the competitors are:

    Competitor 1
    Name: Siray Kong
    Country: Thailand
    Age: 35
    Shoe size: 5,5
    Occupation: She is mostly a model, but she also starred in the movie Savior
    Was she my first choice for Thailand?: She was close, but she ended up as my 2nd. I found Krystal Vee’s feet more beautiful and elegant. Good, that Siray was my 2nd, so she is not a bad choice for the World Cup. I wish her much luck here.

    Competitor 2
    Name: Tina Kay
    Country: Lithuania
    Age: 34
    Shoe size: 8,5
    Occupation: Porn actress (she does also foot porn, if anyone is interested;) )
    Was she my first choice for Lithuania?: Sadly, no:/ My first would have been Agne Motiejunaite. Tina was under the better half, but she was only the 5th, so she would actually not be such a good representative for Lithuania imo. I found that it is a pity that she can only be my 5th, because her feet seemed actually to be REALLY good, but her pic was unfortunately bullshit. Eventhough Agne was my 1st, I am happy that Tina is here, because Lithuania had anyway SUCH a big choice of good feet and it is nice to see that she won, even if her pic wasn’t really good. I hope that it will not give her any troubles in this round, but we will see. Nevertheless, much luck Tina.

    Now let us see, who has the better feet:

    Round 1:
    Siray has already a quite big advantage, since her feet are VERY small and Tina’s aren’t, but nothing is lost for Tina. What a coincidence that both have a quite similar first pic, eventhough it wasn’t clear that they will win the qualifications. Luck for Tina, because I think that if her opponent had the feet in a different pose, then would Tina have already lost the first round and that wouldn’t be good, since the 1st win gives a good first impression on the feet. If you don’t have a good first impression, then it will be hard to be convincing. HOLY SHIT!!!! Their feet are EXTREMELY well shaped!! Tina’s feet could be even perfectly shaped, but I can’t tell it for sure. Siray’s feet, though, are just PERFECTLY shaped!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD are they thin!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE such thin feet:) Their feet are also SUPER soft, but I must admit that Tina’s feet look slightly softer than Siray’s here, especially her heels. MAMA, her red heels are the heaven? I bet they smell like strawberries or at least do I wish that they smell like that. Skin colour wise do I like Tina’s more here. Siray’s skin colour looks grey and I don’t like that. It gives her feet not such a pleasing appearance. WOW, both ladies definitely know how to walk on their toes and I LOVE it! I may not be an arch guy, but you have to agree that both have crazy sexy arches. Siray may not show her arches that well here, but they look hot. JESUS, look on Tina’s right arch!!!! It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking high!!! She has one of the best arches in the whole tournament, but this gives her sadly no plus points, since arches aren’t important for my rating. Siray has such sweet and sexy little toes. WONDERFUL! She has Roman feet, EXTREMELY well shaped toes with super proportions, which are very soft and perfectly kempt. We can sadly not see Tina’s toes that good, so I can’t really compare Siray’s toes with Tina’s. Tina has, though, a nice red nail polish on, which gives her a slightly more elegant appearance. Siray’s toenails are killer in shape and proportions. I also adore her polish. I think that red creates a more elegant appearance than pink, but pink creates at least a gorgeous contrast with her feet. I was at the beginning afraid that Tina will lose the first round, since the pic doesn’t show her feet in such a great view, but after comparing her pic with Siray’s, I decided that Tina wins this round. Siray’s feet may be better shaped, BUT Tina’s appearance is better, her feet are softer and her skin colour is nicer than Siray’s. The dealbreaker was really the skin colour. This grey colour does not fit to Siray’s feet. I think that it is a pity for Siray, because she lost this round, only because the lighting gave her feet such a shitty colour. Nevertheless, Tina wins this round.
    Points: 1:0 for Tina

    Round 2:
    I had to think who deserves the win in the first round, but in this round does the win go to Siray and that without ANY doubt. Let me tell you why. JESUS CHRIST!!!!! I think that Siray has the thinnest feet in the whole tournament and DAMN does it look SEXY!!! Now I can say for sure that Tina’s feet are also perfectly shaped, but her foot shape is still MILES away of Siray’s. This time has Siray the better skin colour. I just LOVE such slightly dark coloured feet. Siray has also the better appearance, since Tina has some not so pleasing veins. They aren’t bad, but they bring minus points. In the first round did Tina have slightly softer feet, but in this round does Siray have EASILY the softer feet. Just imagine massaging her baby soft feet? OH that would be unbelievable! We can also see now that Siray has also great arches. Siray wears in this round some VERY high heels, but we can actually see EVERYTHING of her feet and that is awesome;) If women wear heels, then they should ONLY wear such heels, where we can see their whole feet, even if these shoes look like prostitue shoes (nothing against Siray). Tina’s shoes may cover a little bit of her feet, but they give her feet an EXTREMELY elegant appearance, especially, since the heels are white and her toenails red. Finally, we can see all of Tina’s toes. They look VERY divine and adorable, especially her sweet big toes. She seems to have Mongolian feet, which is almost the perfect foot type. I was wrong about Siray’s foot type. She seems to actually have Greek feet, what is also fine. Greek feet are gorgeous and actually pretty underrated. Her toes are also longer than I expected, but since her feet are VERY thin, do her long toes look SUPER, SUPER divine on her feet! Siray has this time no polish on, but her natural toenail colour is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good that she really doesn’t need ANY polish. That is actually pretty rare that a lady has sexy natural toenails. To put it in a nutshell, Siray’s feet are better shaped, have the better skin colour, are softer and have a sexier appearance than Tina here. Sadly, it was not close for you Tina:/
    Points: 1:1 for Siray

    Round 3 (final round):
    I didn’t know that Siray has such a cool tattoo. It even reaches her foot and that makes her feet slightly more attractive. I really like it that both ladies have pretty much the same pose in this round. That makes the rating MUCH easier. Siray has again the better skin colour. It even looks perfect here. THAT is how the perfect feet, which Siray unfortunately does not have, should be coloured. This time are both feet pretty equally soft. I must sadly say, that Siray’s slight veins make her appearance a little bit weaker. Not much, but still. This time do Siray’s feet not look that thin, but still thinner than Tina’sXD Okay, it seems now that Tina has Roman feet, which is also wonderful. Tina’s favourite polish colour is probably red, since she had in all 3 rounds red polish, but good that it always gives her feet an elegant appearance. Siray has again pink polish, but DAMN does it this time create a DIVINE contrast!! I had to think for a little bit, but my decision fell again on Siray. The skin colour, the EXTREMELY perfectly shaped feet, the tattoo and this DIVINE contrast, which makes her toenails really pop out, left me no choice. I also found Siray’s appearance SLIGHTLY sexier than Tina’s.
    Points: 2:1 for Siray

    I was afraid that Tina may easily lose the 1st round, but she actually easily won this round. Sadly, she lost the next two rounds and one even not closely. Tina has DIVINE feet. No doubt in it, otherwise she wouldn’t do foot porn, but Siray’s foot shape gave her really HUGE plus points. The foot shape is sometimes easily overlooked, what is a BIG mistake. The toes and toenails are VERY important, but how thin the feet are or if the feet have any bunions is also important. I am VERY sorry for Tina and for Lithuania, if she really loses here, but she can be proud for having the most beautiful feet in Lithuania:) To be honest, from the 1st picture I wouldn’t have minded Siray’s feet that much, BUT especially the 2nd pic showed me that her feet are EXTREMELY DIVINE!!! She could even be one of the strongest competitors in the Group C, but I can’t tell it yet. Anyway, I wish you MUCH luck winning here and MANY kisses to your perfectly shaped small feetā¤