Nepal vs Venezuela

Nepal or Venezuela, Priyanka Karki or Julieta Lima? Pick ONE!

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  • It is time for the international foot tournament. In the forteenth round we have Nepal vs. Venezuela. For the tournament I have to adjust my rules, since only two competitors are in one video with several feet. I will see, which competitor is the better one per picture and the one wins , to whom most of the better pictures belong. For the beginning, let us see, who the competitors are:

    Competitor 1
    Name: Priyanka Karki
    Country: Nepal
    Age: 32
    Shoe size: 6,5
    Occupation: Actress, known for several Nepalese movies
    Was she my first choice for Nepal?: Yes, of course:) Nepal had many great feet, but Priyanka’s were just the sexiest ones. She has really strong feet, but her competitor is also really strong. Anyway, I am curious who will take the win here.

    Competitor 2
    Name: Julieta Lima
    Country: Venezuela
    Age: 37
    Shoe size: 7,5
    Occupation: Actress, known for her work in several Venezuelan telenovelas
    Was she my first choice for Venezuela?: Absolutely YES! I am happy, because it’s been a while, since two ladies competed, which were also my favourites. Julieta may neither be related with supermodel Adriana Lima nor is she a model herself, but boy she has some divine feet! It will be VERY exciting to see who will win here.

    Now let us see, who has the better feet:

    Round 1:
    Before I begin, I just have to mention how funny it looks that Nepal’s little flag hangs thereXD Nevertheless, do they have a really cool flag. Alright, since their shoe sizes aren’t that different, will I not take them into my factors for my rating. Both foot shapes are KILLER. Okay, Priyanka has maybe slightly thinner feet, but Julieta’s foot shape is still super sexy. I like Priyanka’s anklet. Anklets are always a really nice accessory, especially for emphasizing feet. I haven’t noticed that before, but Julieta has also an anklet here. It is not as nice as Priyanka’s, but anklet is anklet. Both have a really dope skin colour, but Julieta’s is just PERFECT. Not too dark or too light and I LOVE the colour transition of the upper part of her feet to her lower part. From dark to light. That looks EXTREMELY hot! Both feet are also super soft, but MAMA, Julieta’s softness is on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! Her feet must feel like heaven itself!! If I could only find that out:( I think that they have both African feet and I LOVE it❤ Both their toes are just pure eye candy, especially the big toes. Priyanka may have the thinner toes, but Julieta’s slightly chubby toes are just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and sexy:) The toenails are in both cases divine, but their feet are overall divine, so no wonder that their toenails are also that good. Julieta has SLIGHTY better shaped toenails, but at least do both have superb nail polish on:) The white nail polish creates a sexy contrast with Priyanka’s feet and the red polish gives Julieta’s feet a super elegant appearance:) I think that they should switch their polish in this round, because the white polish would have created a much stronger contrast with Julieta’s feet and Priyankas feet would look better with an elegance bringing polish than with a contrast creating polish. After all these analyses, I have to go with Julieta in this round. Priyanka’s feet are thinner and slightly smaller, but JESUS do Julieta’s feet look divine here!!! BABY SOFT, super cute and SUCH a strong appearance!
    Points: 1:0 for Julieta

    Round 2:
    FUCK! WHY?!! I swear to god, if I wouldn’t know it, I would say that these two pair of feet are the same. They look SO similar here and that makes my rating MUCH harder! I like both poses. If feet are on the toes, then GOD, does this look sexy!! I can’t really explain why, but it is so. Maybe, because their arches get even stronger, although I am not such an arch man. I am more the toes and soles guy. Priyanka has unfortunately not an anklet here, but this isn’t necessary for winning. I can see from both pics that even Priyanka’s legs are thinner than Julieta’s, but Julieta’s legs are definitely NOT fat. They are thin and to die for imo. Both have a sexy dark nail polish on. To be fair, in this situation is such a dark colour not the best choice, since both have a pretty dark skin colour here, but black is NEVER a bad choice. I like that Priyanka’s is so shiny. Priyankas’s skin colour looks MUCH better here. Here it looks as perfect as Julieta’s. Both feet look VERY gorgeous here and both would deserve to win this round, BUT Julieta’s are again stronger imo. I just LOVE her tiny cute tootsies:) However, it was EXTREMELY close for Priyanka.
    Points: 2:0 for Julieta

    Round 3 (final round):
    DAMN! What happened with Priyanka’s feet here!!! Their appearance is jawdropping here!!!! The skin colour is perfect, they look BABY soft, look VERY gorgeous and elegant in these heels and even the nail polish is perfect. Such a strong and beautiful contrast:) In addition, are Priyanka’s feet perfectly shaped. Julieta on the other hand, has just one of the sexiest and cutest feet I have EVER seen. They aren’t that dark here, but the skin colour is definitely gorgeous. Her feet are unfortunately not as soft as in the rounds before, but it is alright. SWEET JESUS, her soles look godly!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo soft and just this redish colour!!! I am not sure, but I think that her nail polish is dark red here, what looks superb. The toes are of course still really cute and sexy. Although does Julieta have the better toes, I have to go with Priyanka in this round. From all three rounds is this her best one. Her feet just have such a sexy and elegant appearance that Julieta’s unfortunately doesn’t impresse me that much here.
    Points: 1:2 for Priyanka

    Although did Priyanka had a REALLY good pic in the last round, she only won one round, so unfortunately is she losing:( Julieta’s feet are really strong, so it isn’t that surprising that Priyanka hadn’t such a big chance. I am really sorry for Priyanka and for Nepal, if she really loses here. At least can Priyanka be proud for having the most beautiful feet in Nepal:) To be honest, I already thought that probably Julieta will win. Her first impression was EXTREMELY good and I actually see her VERY far. I think that she can even reach the final in the Group B, but we haven’t seen all competitors yet, so maybe I am wrong. Anyway, I wish Julieta much luck in the World Cup and much LOVE for her oustanding feet:) Rock the tournament❤