Bosnia vs Syria

Bosnia or Syria, Tamara Kalinic or Lilia Al Atrash? Pick ONE!

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  • It is time for the international foot tournament. In the twentysecond round we have Bosnia vs. Syria. For the tournament I have to adjust my rules, since only two competitors are in one video with several feet. I will see, which competitor is the better one per picture and the one wins , to whom most of the better pictures belong. For the beginning, let us see, who the competitors are:

    Competitor 1
    Name: Tamara Kalinic
    Country: Bosnia
    Age: 30
    Shoe size: 8
    Occupation: She is probably a model, but she is rather known from her YouTube channel
    Was she my first choice for Bosnia?: She was close, but she ended up as my 2nd. I am actually EXTREMELY surprised that she won. Her feet are definitely good, but I thought that Senada Nurkic has SUCH strong feet, that she will definitely win. A BIG pity imo, but Tamara was my 2nd, so she is probably not a bad choice for Bosnia, I think. We will see, if she can convince me.

    Competitor 2
    Name: Lilia Al Atrash
    Country: Syria
    Age: 38
    Shoe size: 7,5
    Occupation: Actress, known from several Syrian movies and series
    Was she my first choice for Syria?: She was also VERY close, but I thought that Suzan Najm Aldeen had SLIGHTLY better feet. I am gladly not angry about her win, because I actually didn’t care who will win in Syria. Syria had ONLY divine feet, so who ever would have won, would be a great representative for Syria. Theoretically was Suzan my first, but Lilia is also fine and I can’t wait to see how good she will be here.

    Now let us see, who has the better feet:

    Round 1:
    I must be honest, this round goes EASILY to Lilia. EASILY! Let me tell you why. Since their shoe sizes are pretty similar, is this not important for the rating. Tamara’s pic is already worse than Lilia’s, because I can’t see her foot shape that well. Tamara’s feet are probably as well shaped as Lilia’s, but I would like to KNOW it and not assume it. Anyway, their skin colours are both VERY sexy, but I like Lilia’s more, since it is darker and thus nearer to perfection. Both have also SUPER soft feet, BUT Lilia has definitely the softer feet in this round. Tamara wears some very nice heels, but Lilia’s feet have a MUCH hotter appearance and her feet are not even in shoes! The toes and toenails could be equally good, but Tamara’s pic makes it hard to tell. Both have definitely the same foot type, Greek feet (a VERY sexy and VERY underrated foot type). It’s a pity that I can’t compare them that well:/ Both have probably divinely shaped toes with divine proportions and their toes are perfectly kempt and SUPER soft (Lilia has of course the softer toes). The same applies to the toenails, eventhough I must say that Lilia has probably the more unique and better big toes, but I can’t really tell that for sure in this round. The nail polish choice is in both cases VERY good. The red polish gives Tamara a really elegant appearance, while the black polish creates a HOT contrast, but I like the created contrast more than the elegance effect in Tamara’s case. To make it short, Lilia has softer feet, better coloured feet, probably uniquer toenails and a MUCH sexier appearance than Tamara. I actually haven’t noticed yet that Tamara’s pic is actually pretty weak, but don’t underestimate her. There are two more rounds comming…
    Points: 1:0 for Lilia

    Round 2:
    You gotta be kidding-_- This is THE WORST comparison I have EVER seen!!! Not only are their feet not even NEARLY in the same pose, but you can see Tamara’s feet MUCH better than Lilia’s. How unfair is that?! It is this time really impossible to compare them. Sadly, I made the decision, since I can see Tamara’s feet MUCH better, I will give this round to Tamara-_- This time is Tamara the one that is barefoot and Lilia wears heels. I LOVE that she stands on her toes! Not only is this FUCKING gorgeous, but also really cute:) Lilia’s feet look HOT, HOT in these heels!! WOW, Tamara has actually VERY sexy shaped feet, even almost perfectly shaped, like Lilia’s. Don’t be fooled by the lighting. The softness of their feet is actually pretty much the same. This time do both almost have the perfect skin colour. I must admit that Tamara’s skin colour is SLIGHTLY nearer to perfection than Lilia’s. THANK GOD, Tamara’s toes and toenails are actually VERY SEXY. Weird that her toe line looks perfect here, since we saw that her toe line wasn’t perfect in the first round. Her toes are also VERY well proportioned, BABY soft and perfectly kempt, exactly like Lilia’s. The same applies to Tamara’s toenails. This time has Tamara a polish that creates a divine contrast, while this time is Lilia the one with the elegance effect. This time is the effect of both nail polishes VERY strong. Nevertheless, do I still have to give this round to Tamara. I think that with a better picture would have Lilia won, because I think that her toes are better proportioned. Tamara’s big toes seem to be too big in comparison to the left toes and it didn’t seem so, as if this would be the case in Lilia’s feet. Sadly, VERY sadly, can I only compare the pics from the same round, thus is Tamara still the winner, unfortunately -_-
    Points: 1:1 for Tamara

    Round 3 (final round):
    This round is okay, in terms of how well the feet can be compared, but it could be better (nothing against Facetina. I am sure that he tries his best to find pics of the competitors that can be compared, but it isn’t always possible). It is somehow a sole round. Sadly, again, can I already tell you that this round goes to Tamara. The reason for that is that, because of the stupid reflection can I not really see the colour or the structure of Lilia’s soles. Her heels seem to be VERY soft and to have a gorgeous pink colour, but I have no idea about the rest of her soles;( She has some sexy wrinkles, though. In Tamara’s case can I see EVERYTHING of her baby soft and pink soles and I LOVE them:) I also like her pose here. It looks KILLER. Okay, since Tamara’s feet seem better coloured and softer I have no choice, but to give this round also to Tamara, eventhough Lilia’s heels and wrinkles are awesome.
    Points: 2:1 for Tamara

    Well, this was one of the MOST unfair rounds in the whole tournament!!!-_- Not only that was it IMPOSSIBLE to compare Lilia’s feet with Tamara’s in the second round , but Lilia had a HUGE disadvantage with her last pic, because it was a fucking BAD pic! I am really angry that I have to give Tamara the win, since she hasn’t deserved it in a fair way. Not that Tamara’s feet are bad, I mean, her feet looked VERY sexy in the 2nd round, but to win, only because the other competitor has MUCH worse pics is imo wrong. Unfortunately, can neither I nor Facetina change something about this, because this really depends on the pics that a competitor has available and sadly had Lilia the weaker pics:/ I am VERY, VERY sorry for Lilia and Syria, because I really expected them not only to win here, but to get even quite far. Such a pity that this journey will probably end now. Lilia can at least be proud that she has the most beautiful feet in Syria:) Okay, I am not really happy about Tamara being my winner, but I except it. To be honest, it is even quite good, because finally does the small country Bosnia get some recognition. There are wonderful people and HOT chicks with divine feet, as we can see. I am nevertheless wishing Tamara MUCH luck in the World Cup and that if she will win the next round, that it will be in a fair way. I send you many kisses and MUCH LOVE Tamara‚̧