Bolivia vs Singapore

Bolivia or Singapore, Desirée Durán or Tila Tequila? Pick ONE!

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  • It is time for the international foot tournament. In the eighteenth round we have Bolivia vs. Singapore. For the tournament I have to adjust my rules, since only two competitors are in one video with several feet. I will see, which competitor is the better one per picture and the one wins , to whom most of the better pictures belong. For the beginning, let us see, who the competitors are:

    Competitor 1
    Name: Desiree Duran
    Country: Bolivia
    Age: 34
    Shoe size: 9
    Occupation: Model
    Was she my first choice for Bolivia?: Thankfully, yes:) Her feet were the sexiest and most elegant one. I must say that eventhough her feet are definitely divine, her opponent is also REALLY strong, so it will be interesting who will win here. I nevertheless wish Desiree much luck here.

    Competitor 2
    Name: Tila Tequila
    Country: Singapore
    Age: 38
    Shoe size: 5,5
    Occupation: Model, porn actress and singer
    Was she my first choice for Singapore?: Nope:/ She was my 3rd. I considered her as my 1st, but I liked Ase Wang’s feet slightly more. A pity that Ase didn’t win, but since Tila was my 3rd, does Singapore still have VERY strong feet in the World Cup. We will see if she can win against Desiree. I wish you also much luck Tila.

    Now let us see, who has the better feet:

    Round 1:
    I must say that Desiree has unfortunately a disadvantage against Tila, because her feet are MUCH bigger than Tila’s and I normally prefer small feet. This does of course not mean that she is immediately my winner in this round. It has already occured that big feet beat small feet. Both have superbly shaped feet, but especially Tila’s feet look stunning in case of the shape. Her feet are just perfectly shaped. Both have also a super gorgeous skin colour, but Tila has again the better one. I am just a sucker for such light dark feet. The softness of their feet is pretty equal. Both have butter soft feet, what is awesome for foot massages:) I LOVE both their pictures. Desiree’s superb feet stick out of her jeans, while Tila has some hot heels on, which emphasize her feet really well. Both have also absolutely dream toes and toenails. Every woman should dream of having either Desiree’s or Tila’s toes and toenails. Tila has some sexy Greek feet. Desiree could also have Greek feet, but I can’t really tell it from this picture. Desiree’s toe line is of course also superb. Their toes are almost perfectly shaped, also almost perfectly proportioned, perfectly kempt and butter soft. I must admit that I find Tila’s toes quite cuter, but this alone doesn’t mean anything. Both have just divine toenails. Not only are their toenails pretty much perfectly shaped, but also proportioned. The nail polish is also astonishing, since it creates such elegant appearances. I must say that this nail polish colour looks SLIGHTLY better on Desiree’s feet, because the elagance effect is the best, if the feet are very pale, like in Desiree’s case. It also looks great on Tila’s feet, but it just shows a stronger effect on Desiree’s feet. In the end, I decided that Tila is my winner in this round. She has the better skin colour, better shaped feet and a cuter appearance. It was unfortunately not so close for Desiree. Maybe she can win the next round?
    Points: 1:0 for Tila

    Round 2:
    Interesting, now has Desiree the rather dark feet and Tila the lighter feet. I was wrong about Desiree’s foot shape. Her feet are indeed also perfectly shaped. They also swapped their shoe choices. Desiree has some glamorous heels on, what gives her feet a superb appearance, while Tila is barefooted. Tila has some visible veins, but they are okay. I saw worse cases of visible veins. This time does Desiree have no polish on, but Tila has still the same polish on. Now the elegance effect of the red polish looks even better on Tila’s feet, since her feet are now much lighter. Desiree has, though, really sexy natural coloured toenails. Not always do ladies with sexy feet have sexy natural toenails. I must say that this round is MUCH harder than the 1st round. Desiree got HUGE plus points with her skin colour, but unfortunately not enough to win this round:( Here she has the better skin colour, but I somehow still find Tila’s feet more attractive here. It is just the appearance of her feet. It is SOOOOOO freaking strong! I also still like her toes a little bit more. They are just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and well kempt. I am sorry Desiree. It was close this time, but the win goes nevertheless also to Tila.
    Points: 2:0 for Tila

    Round 3 (final round):
    Now are both wearing heels and both feet look EXTREMELY hot in them. Desiree’s heels may not be as glamorous as in the 2nd round, but these are also pretty sexy. Also do both have dark coloured feet and I LOVE it:) This time has Desiree nail polish on, but imo is this one not the prettiest colour. It looks still good on her feet, though. Tila has again red polish on (I think that this is her favourite colour), but she has some nice features on her big toenails. These white flowers, or whatever this is supposed to be, look beautiful. I LOVE it, if women try to make their pedicure more interesting. Single colours are beautiful, but also pretty boring. Women should consider to experiment with designs on their nails. I must say that Tila has again the better feet. This time are both their feet almost equally sexy, but Tila’s toes and toenails are just too good. Her proportions, especially in case of the big toes, are just more appealing than Desiree’s.
    Points: 3:0 for Tila

    Desiree’s feet are SUPER DIVINE, but Tila’s just blowed up the system. At the beginning, was there a big difference in their beauty, but Desiree became better every round. Unfortunately, did Tila keep her level equal through all three rounds. It is also important to remember that Desiree has a disadvantage in the case of the foot size. I think that she would had better chances with smaller feet. I am really sorry for Desiree and Bolivia, if she really loses here. I actually thought that she would come pretty far in the World Cup, but an opponent like Tila is just too strong. At least can Desiree be proud for having the most beautiful feet in Bolivia:) I have to say that after I took one look on all three rounds, it was somehow clear that Tila will win. I am just a sucker for small dark coloured feet. I actually see her REALLY far in the World Cup now. I am curious, if she can fullfill my expectations. We will see. Till then, I wish you much luck in the World Cup and that you show your best Tila. Many kisses to your lovely small feet❤