Afghanistan vs Ireland

Afghanistan or Ireland, Annet Mahendru or Laura Whitmore? Pick ONE!

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  • It is time for the international foot tournament. In the fifteenth round we have Afghanistan vs. Ireland. For the tournament I have to adjust my rules, since only two competitors are in one video with several feet. I will see, which competitor is the better one per picture and the one wins , to whom most of the better pictures belong. For the beginning, let us see, who the competitors are:

    Competitor 1
    Name: Annet Mahendru
    Country: Afghanistan
    Age: 30
    Shoe size: 8
    Occupation: Actress, known for her role in the series The Americans, The Blacklist and the movies The Romanoffs and the movie of Penguins of Madagascar
    Was she my first choice for Afghanistan?: NO, NOT AT ALL! She was, if I remember correctly, my 5th! This is the first time that the weakest feet of a country won the qualifications. I can’t believe that she won. Her feet aren’t ugly or bad, but common, there were MUCH, MUCH better feet than hers. In my opinion was Warina Hussain the best in Afghanistan. I thought that at least my 3rd, Halima Rashid, would win, but not even she won. I must say that with Annet will it be nearly impossible to win this round, since Ireland has SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO strong feet, but maybe she can convince me.

    Competitor 2
    Name: Laura Whitmore
    Country: Ireland
    Age: 34
    Shoe size: 7,5
    Occupation: Actress, but she is rather known for attending the TV show Strictly Dancing and moderating the shows Survival of the Fittest and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW! Was she my first choice for Ireland?: Unfortunately not, but she was at least my 3rd. Imo was Vogue Williams the best. She had better coloured feet and slightly better toes. I think that many voted for Laura, because of the nail polish. I also LOVE blue nail polish, but this is bullshit to vote for a lady, only because the polish colour is sexy. We vote for the feet, so we should look on the WHOLE foot package and not on single parts. Anyway, Laura has really gorgeous feet and as the 3rd is she actually not a bad choice for Ireland. I wish her much luck here.

    Now let us see, who has the better feet:

    Round 1:
    I better say it already, Annet has in this round NO chance. Really NO chance. I mean, compare these two feet! There is actually no analysis needed. Laura wins this round EXTREMELY easily, but I will still do an analyse, because this is the fun part of this comment. Okay, since the shoe sizes aren’t that different, will I not take them into acount for my rating. Both feet are really sexy shaped, but I think that Laura’s are nearer to perfection than Annet’s. I actually prefer darker feet, but in this case does Laura have the better skin colour, because it is sexy AND elegant. Her feet are also softer here. These veins make Annet’s feet appearance not that appealing, sadly:/ I must at least say that Annet has a sexy pose here. I think that it is also clear that Laura has the better toes. Their toenails are actually equally sexy. It only seems, as if Laura’s would be sexier, because of the nail polish. Back to the toes, I think that they have both Greek feet, but it isn’t that visible in Laura’s case, but Greek feet are nevertheless sexy. I don’t know why, but Annet’s toes have such an irregular shape and I am not a fan of it. At least are her toe proportions good and they look well kempt. Her toenails look not bad, as I said, but nevertheless are Laura’s toes and toenails more appealing. I must say that Laura’s big toes are SLIGHTLY too broad, but this is a small flaw and with such great toenails and hot nail polish, which creates a gorgeous contrast, has she easily the better toes. Yeah, a VERY easy win for Laura.
    Points: 1:0 for Laura

    Round 2: This round is the same as the firstXD Nice to see again some soles. In the qualification videos do we see them VERY rarely, but this is good so, because you can only compare soles with soles, like here. Nice to see that both have breathtaking soles, but MANY ladies have gorgeous soles, so this isn’t that surprising. Alright, I must say that Annet’s toes look MUCH better here than in the 1st round and she has a hot nail polish on, wich creates a really nice contrast. I like that we can see her toenails AND her soles. I LOVE it, when ladies squeeze their toes so that we can see the toenails and at the same time the soles. Her soles have a great redish colour with baby soft skin and some sexy wrinkles. I actually don’t understand why it is so important for many that soles have such wrinkles. For me it is only important that they are soft and have a sexy colour what is definitely the case in terms of Annet’s soles. Now to Laura’s soles. MAMA, FUCK! They look fucking delicious!!!!?? I love that she has not only blue polish on her toenails, but also on her fingernails, eventhough it doesn’t matter for my rating that the polish of the toenails and fingernails fit, but it is still nice. I LOVE that she touches her soles. It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot when ladies touch their sexy feet. Another thing that I can’t explain. Her soles look EXTREMELY soft. That is how soft soles should look like. Imagine touching them;) Her soles may not be that red, but it is still a divine colour. DAMN, her toes look so yummy from this view! Like little sausages? Eventhough are Annet’s soles slightly better coloured, I must go again with Laura. Their appearance is just jawdropping and they look SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BABY SOFT!!! It was actually not that close for Annet. Anyway, this round goes to Laura.
    Points: 2:0 for Laura

    Round 3 (final round):
    Finally does Annet show that she has superb feet and that she wasn’t such a bad choice for Afghanistan. Her skin colour is VERY good here, actually even almost perfect. Laura’s skin colour is still sexy and elegant, but this time does Annet’s skin colour convince me more. Laura, though, has still the softer feet. They both have some killer arches, but this isn’t really important for my rating. Both have great heels. Annet has some smoking hot black strap heels, while Laura has sexy and elegant black heels with diamonds. Both feet look stunning in their heels. Annet’s toes look VERY good here in comparison to the first round. Maybe I underestimated her. Also her toenails look gorgeous here, especially with this sexy contrast creating nail polish. Laura has no polish on here, but she has a superb French pedicure. Why is this pedicure so underrated? It is such a hot pedicure! It looks great on her feet. Interestingly, has she a foot tattoo here. In the first round has it probably not been made yet. I can’t really recognise what this tattoo is supposed to be, but it looks really nice. This round was even quite tough and I actually tended to give it also to Laura, BUT unfortunately do her feet seem broader here and her big toes look also broader. We saw in the 1st round that they are definitely thinner. It is just the angle that makes it appear so, but I have to stick to my rules. I think that with a better angle she would have also won this round. So this round goes close to Annet.
    Points: 1:2 for Annet

    In the end, was it not that close for Annet as I expected, but she still lost. Laura just had always the softer feet and most of the time the better appearance. I must say, though, that I definitely underestimated Annet, but I still think that Warina would have been a better choice. Maybe with better pics would Annet have even won this round. Anyway, I am really sorry for Afghanistan, especially, since they had not their the best feet in the tournament. It will be a pity when they will lose here, but Annet can be proud for having the most beautiful feet in Afghanistan:) The results aren’t that surprising for me. If a 3rd placed lady competes against a 5th placed, then it is clear that the 5th placed has a disadvantage. I am really looking forward seeing how far Laura can get in the World Cup. She has definitely killer feet. Anyway, MUCH luck and LOVE for you and your divine feet Laura‚̧