Who has the most stellar feet in Norway?

  1. Lene Nystrøm
  2. Natassia Malthe
  3. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
  4. Tone Damli Aaberge
  5. Charlotte Engelhardt
  6. Frida Aasen
  7. Alisha Boe
  8. Kristine Froseth
  9. Marion Ravn
  10. Kathrine Sørland

Top comment by David Kiciak
Yay, another Scandinavian country:) They do not only have great landscapes, but also one of the most beautiful women and of course feet in the whole world. It wonders me that actually only Sweden was in the FEET World Cup of 2018. Finland and Norway (some would also say that Denmark too) were not. Such a pity, because they have great competitors, but at least they are this time in the game. I LOVE the beautiful background music here. It has such a chilling vibe and fits pretty well to the cold landscapes of Norway. This rating will definitely NOT be easy, because many of them have very beautiful feet, but somehow I can always find arguments, why somebody should get a certain place. My rules are easy, only the shown pictures matter. Let us now look on these gorgeous Norwegian feet:
10# Kathrine Sorland: Funny, I thought that this slashed o only appears in Denmark, but I was wrong. Alright. I have to say that I am actually a little bit dissapointed with Kathrine’s feet, but not only her feet. I thought that Norway will only have godesses feet. I also expected that from Denmark, but you see that the expectations are not always fullfilled:/ There are still many superb feet here, but even a country, of which you wouldn’t expect it to have women with gorgeous feet, like Pakistan, had only great feet. Nevermind. Not every country can only have gorgeous feet (unfortunately:/ ). Now let us finally come to Kathrine. I have to be honest. Eventhough she is a model, her feet are not equally beautiful as her. I am not so picky about her shoe size, even if she has big feet. The rather bigger issues are her toenails and the appearance of her feet. Her toenails are not so well made. They are not filed and the toenails are a little bit too small in comparison to the size of the toes, except for the big toenail. If a woman does not care for her toenails, then this makes them automatically uglier imo. So ladies, never underestimate the care of your feet, because many men will look at it. I also don’t like it that her feet look kinda old, eventhough Kathrine is only 39. Maybe this is due to the dark skin colour, even if I like this colour. I just prefer young feet. Beside these flaws, I have to say that the foot shape is very, very good and I love it that her feet are so slim. Also her toe arrangement is really nice. She has not bad feet, but I would expect from a model much sexier feet, like Nadine Leopold’s or Bar Refaeli’s. Maybe her feet look actually much better, but only the shown pictures matter, so I can give Kathrine only the 10th place. SUCH A BIG pity;( Such a sexy lady deserves better feet.
9# Natassia Malthe: Okay, if anyone would have said me that Natassia is from Norway, I would have thought that this is nonsense, but it is true. We believe that all women from Scandinavia are tall, have blonde hair, blue eyes and are gorgeous. Natassia is the perfect example for showing us that this is only a stereotype. That doesn’t mean that Natassia is not good looking. She is as sexy as all the other ladies here. Her foot shape is very beautiful and the skin color looks very fitting. Her toenails are very well made and look very sexy. This applies also to her toes. She has great Greek feet, even if this isn’t my favorite foot type. Her feet are better than Kathrine’s, but she has also not feet, which would blow me away. Her toes are great, but the big toes are not curvy enough imo. They are too straight, if you understand what I mean. I also think that her toes are a little bit too long. I know that she has quite big feet, but her toes should be nether-less shorter. Even if I like Greek feet, I just prefer Egypt feet, so this is also a reason, why I can’t give her a higher place than the 9th, unfortunately;( I am sure that her feet look actually much nicer and that this is just a bad angle, but my stupid rules just give me no choice. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry Natassia. I still think that you have beautiful feet:)
8# Kristine Froseth: Kristine may not be blonde, but she is nether-less an ice princess. Her eyes are just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mesmerizing and gorgeous. I think I am in love with her. She wouldn’t be a bad girlfriend for me, since she is not so much older than me. Anyway, her feet are just damn sexy!! The foot shape is very gorgeous and I like the skin color. Her feet look also pretty soft, but this is no wonder, since she is so young. She has also slim feet. GREAT!! Her toes and toenails are as well very, very sexy. They look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable and soft. I would love to play with her sweet toes:) I especially love this natural color of her toenails. I like it more, when toenails are polished, but it is always wonderful to see that a lady has gorgeous natural colored toenails. I think that she has also Egypt feet or at least Romanian feet, but I can’t tell it for sure. Overall, SUPERB feet, very fitting for such an ice princess. Sadly, as lovely I find her feet, they are not better than the 8th place. The only flaw is really the appearance of her feet. I wasn’t so picky about the shoe size of the first two participants, but here it is an issue for me. I don’t know why, but they look too big for my taste, even-though Kathrine’s feet are bigger. Her feet , though, didn’t look so big, that it looks not so sexy for me, but here it is the case. As I said, this is really the ONLY reason, why she has not a better placement. Kristine, you will still be an ice princess for me and you have SUPER gorgeous feet. I LOVE you❤️
My fucking comment is too long XD I tripled my comment, so for the rest, see the other ones
7# Lene Nystrom: Lene is actually very known. Maybe you heard of the band Aqua. She is the main vocalist from it!! They had this HUGE hit with Barbie-girl. A kinda annoying, but catchy song. Interestingly, Aqua is still around and thankfully still with Lene. I couldn’t recognize her here, but it was clear for me that she has to be a singer. Funny, that she actually looks more like a Rock or Metal vocalist with this hair cut XD I haven’t heard the new stuff from Aqua, but maybe they have now a harder sound. I need to check it. Enough talking about Lene’s career. Her feet look really young for being 46!! The foot shape is wonderful and the skin color is VERY sexy. Her feet, and especially her heels look super soft. It has to be a dream to massage these soft, gorgeous feet. If I could only find it out… The toes and toenails are also very attractive. I especially like the black nail polish. Black is ALWAYS sexy. I saw Brie Larson’s toenails with black nail polish and they became immediately more beautiful, even-though her toenails are not that well. We see, that polish can give much to the beauty of feet. This is of course not the main reason for her placement. I see, that she has Greek feet. As I said, a very beautiful foot type, no matter, what others say. Unfortunately, I can’t give her a higher placement, as much I wish that I could. The reason is fairness. The view on her feet doesn’t allow me to fully see her foot shape and toe arrangement. It is pretty likely that she has Greek feet, but I can’t say, how well all the toes are or how well her foot shape really is. Maybe she has a bunion on the right foot or hideous 3rd toes. It would be really unfair to give her a higher placement, even-though my opinion is only based on assumptions than rather on facts. Lene’s appearance is better than of my 10th, 9th and 8th, but I can’t say anything about other features. From the pics of the remaining ladies, I can make better analyses than of Lene’s feet, so this is the reason for her placement. Man, somehow till now, all placements are a pity, because I just want to give them higher placements, especially feet, of which I assume to be really, really sexy, but I just have to stick to my fucking rules. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry Lene:( Such sexy feet at such a mature age would deserve a better placement. I will check afterwards her feet and maybe also her new music, because I am curious, how well her feet actually look and how her recent music is.
6# Charlotte Engelhardt: Interestingly, she is quite known in Germany. She is the wife of a VERY famous and known rapper in Germany. His name is Sido, but this name will probably say nothing to anyone. I find it interesting that his wife is originally from Norway. He definitely has a gorgeous wife, but his wife has verrrrrrrrrrrrry sexy feet too. Charlotte’s feet are actually the first, that would come into my mind, when I think about Norwegian feet. The foot shape is almost perfect and the light skin color looks very elegant and beautiful, even if I normally prefer dark feet. They look as well really smooth and extremely young and Charlotte is 40! This is impressing, even-though 40 isn’t such a high age. I also really like it that she has kinda small feet. I just LOVE small feet. Her toes are just pure beauty. So well shaped and sexy. They even form the perfect toe arrangement!! I also like the toenails, which have a wonderful nail polish. I love red toes, when the skin color is so light. That makes the toenails look so elegant and ladylike. This is the reason, why ladies should care to pick the right nail polish color, so the feet really get the best appearance or just take black, because black works every-time XD I am envious that Sido has a wife, with such gorgeous feet, that he can massage when ever he wants. I would also like to have somebody like Charlotte;( Someday, someday… The reason, why she isn’t higher is easy. It is her big toes. All the toes are unbelievably beautiful, but then we come to the big toes. They are just too thick in my opinion. Due to that, the toenails seem too small and the size ratio will be not that good. Why it has to be the big toe?;( Especially they should look good, because they are the sexiest and the toes that fall at first into your eyes. This is really the ONLY reason for her placement. Apart from that, Sido, care for your wife and give her much, much love, because she is a treasure and has such super, super sexy feet, which ANY foot fetishist wants to massage.
5# Alisha Boe: Another lady, of which you wouldn’t expect that she is from Norway. It actually doesn’t matter from where she is. Only her feet matter. Alright. Her feet are actually small. This gives her BIG plus points. Small feet are pretty much always sexy and great. Her foot shape is HOT and I love the dark skin color. Her feet look just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sleek and soft. I bet that they are as soft as butter. I love, how her feet really shine because of her shoes. Not only that the shoes look pretty good, but god, her feet look heavenly in them. Her toes and toenails are of course extremely sexy too. This silver nail polish looks just divine. It is actually the best nail polish in the whole video. I love, how metallic her toenails look with it. It is pretty cool. She has Egypt feet too, so, do you really want anything else? To be honest, no, BUT I would like her feet with some small improvements. The big toenails are slightly, but really, really only slightly too big in comparison to the size of the toes. I also think, as shiny her feet may be here, I somehow like the appearance of the left feet more than Alisha’s. Maybe, because Alisha’s looks so made up and the one of the left more natural. I just wasn’t as much hooked of her feet as of the remaining competitors, as I first saw this video. I know, these are stupid reasons, but the left 5 feet all have supreme feet with not many flaws, so I have to look on even the smallest details. Even if Alisha doesn’t win here, I will remember and love her extremely gorgeous feet:) I love your sweet small feet Alisha❤️
4# Ingrid Bolso Berdal: OH SHIT!! Ingrid’s eyes are at the same time beautiful as scary. They have a lovely color, but they are almost so light, like death people it has. This is actually pretty cool and nothing bad, but enough of this. The pic is just extremely cute, of how her feet stick out of this skirt or whatever this is. The foot shape is pretty much perfect and the skin color is just super elegant. Her feet look very soft too. Here we have again this gorgeous effect, that is created with the red nail polish and the light skin color, as we had it with Charlotte. Her toes and toenails are also pretty much perfection. SUPER, SUPER sexy shaped and sooooooooooooooooooooo lovely. She even has Egypt feet. I must say that Ingrid has almost THE PERFECT feet. There are only a hand of ladies, which are VERY, VERY close of having the perfect feet and Ingrid really belongs to them. The ONLY thing, that has to be different, is her shoe size. Her feet may not look as big as 9, but she has actually big feet and at the near end of my rating I can’t ignore the shoe size. The left ladies just have smaller feet. Not much smaller, but still. SUCH A PITY, because Ingrid (by the way, does she not look somehow like Nicole Kidman?) has divine feet that need much love and admiration. You definitely get this from me Ingrid:) All the best!!
3# Marion Ravn: FUCK MY LIFE!! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooo painful!!! The last three feet are just too damn sexy. It should be illegal that not all 3 of them can get the 1st place. WHY can there only be one winner?!!! From my perspective, Marion, Frida and Tone should represent Norway in the World Cup, but I have to chose only one. Okay, I somehow decided that the 3rd place gets Marion. Pretty much everything of Ingrid’s feet applies to Marion’s. Supreme foot shape, very elegant skin color and butter soft feet. Here we have the same effect, as we had it with Ingrid and Charlotte. Such an underrated effect. The toes and toenails are also pretty much perfect. Super, super sexy shaped and very well made. She has of course also Egypt feet. I LOVE soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much her big toenails. They are just near perfection. They are not only made that well, but the main shape of her toenails are natural and this is very impressing. I LOVE Scandinavian chicks❤️ Marion has even kinda small feet. I even thought to give her the 1st place, but I focused too much on the color of the nail polish. The nail polish is only make up. The natural beauty is much more valuable, otherwise Alisha would be my winner now. I also think that the left ladies have a slightly better perfect toe arrangement and feet appearance. It doesn’t matter anyway, because Marion has divine feet and I am very happy that I found such wonderful feet. I can’t wait to see more of her feet:)
2# Frida Aasen: DAMN!! This was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo close!! I think that Frida looks pretty much, like most people would imagine Norwegian ladies. She is extremely hot, but she is a model, so it isn’t weird that she is. Her forehead is quite big, but with the right hair style it looks not that tragic. She is definitely a real model, because she looks just like a doll without, even without make up (please, don’t think that this was meant as a assault). She has really model feet, not like Kathrine. I just LOVE, LOVE the pose of her feet. It is just extremely sexy. I also love the style. Barefooted in jeans is just freaking sexy and I don’t know why XD Foot shape is perfect, skin color is also pretty much perfect. Skin looks as smooth as baby skin, especially her heels. Toes and toenails are a dream coming true. Almost perfectly shaped and very lovable. She also has the perfect toe arrangement. That is just a PERFECT example, of how model feet should look like. I wouldn’t be pissed at all, if Frida should win instead of my first, because she just has divine feet. My first just has in my opinion also the better perfect toe arrangement and the better appearance. Nether-less, DIVINE feet Frida. We love you and want to see more of your lovely feet!!
1# Tone Damli Aaberge: Congratulations!!! There was strong competition, but she made the race. Funny, that she has the biggest feet from the last 3, but we see that size does not always matter. Okay, the foot shape is perfect and also the skin color. I like, how shiny her skin looks. VERY gorgeous and cool! The feet look sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sleek and soft. It would be a dream to touch her feet, but also her divine legs. I also love, how elegantly her feet lay here. GORGEOUS, just GORGEOUS. The toenails and toes are of course perfect too. She even has the perfect perfect toe arrangement XD I really adore the contrast that is created through the light nail polish and the dark skin color. Contrasts are always nice;) If Tone’s feet would be smaller, then she would probably have THE PERFECT feet. I hope that you win Tone. You would be imo the best option to present Norway in the World Cup. I wish you much luck and love, so you will win the qualifications❤️

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