Who has the most prestige feet in Denmark?

  1. Nina Agdal
  2. Caroline Wozniacki
  3. Josephine Skriver
  4. Connie Nielsen
  5. Helena Christensen
  6. Anne Gadegaard
  7. Emmelie de Forest
  8. Stephanie Corneliussen
  9. Pernille Teisbæk
  10. Medina

Top comment by David Kiciak


Denmark. The country, which we can thank for Skype, the Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, vikings and one of the most known toys in the world, LEGO. Thankfully, we have here no LEGO brick feet, but some exquisite Danish feet, from the singer Medina to the famous Victoria’s Secret model Nina Agdal.


Nordic ladies. Not only are there one of the sexiest women on earth, but there are also the ladies with one of the sexiest feet on earth. A wonderful combo 😉 I have again to mention the good background music. This one is really cool and funky, but feet play the most important role here. Unfortunately, this comment was made after the voting, so my vote won’t be taken in consideration:/, but I am still doing my analysis, because I love to do them. So the rules are like always, the placements depend on the shown pictures:

10#Josephine Skriver: I have to be honest. Josephine’s feet have almost nothing positive. Only the foot shape, the toe arrangement and skin colour are decent, but that was it. These feet are too veiny for my taste. Her feet are also quiet big, but this is rather a smaller flaw. The worse thing about her feet are definitely her toes. They are very oddly shaped, especially the big toes. Maybe this only seems so, because of the picture, but you know my rules. Only the shown picture matters and we see here that her toes are not very pretty, to say it politely. Also, what is going on with her right pinky toe? Is it just me or is the toenail missing? Well, I have to admit that her toenails are actually quiet good. They look pedicured, what is a good thing and they are well shaped, even if her right pinky toe misses the toenail. Well, this is my oppinion about Josephine’s feet and I have to say that I am VERY DISSAPOINTED about them. Josephine is a model and these are no feet of a model at all. I am sorry Josephine. At least you are very beautiful.

9#Emmelie De Forest: Emmelie is actually a pretty known singer, because she won the ESC from 2013 with a pretty good song and she performed it barefooted. If only more women would perform barefooted…As much I love Emmelie, I have to say with a heavy heart that I can only give her the 9th place. Her foot shape is not bad, but there is a damn bunion on her right foot and to 99% this means for me that you can’t win a voting. Bunions belong to the worst things that can accure on feet. They just deform the shape of a foot in a ugly way. It is not so bad in her situation, but the remaining ones don’t really have bunions, so I have no choice. I have also a big problem with her toenails, because they are not well made. At least the toes are well shaped and form a good toe arrangement. I am sure that Emmelie’s feet only seem so weak here, but sadly I have to stick to my damn rules. At least she can be proud that she has more beautiful feet than a model. I still love Emmelie as a person and singer 🙂

8#Caroline Wozniacki: Weird, I would have rather guessed, due to her familyname, that she is from Poland or at least from a Slavic country, but obviously not. Probably her dad is from such a country. Carolines feet are not badly shaped and have a quiet nice skin colour. She has also really great toes. They are well shaped, form a very known and also good toe arrangement and her toenails are very beautiful. These feet could have get a higher placement, but there are some flaws that prohibit that. At first, the other participants have a sexier toe arrangement, but this is not the main reason. For me it is a bigger issue that sinews on her feet are visible and that makes her feet look a little bit older than they are. It is probably, because she is a tennis player, who use their feet a lot. Normally, athletes have such feet and this is nothing bad, because after all, Caroline’s are really beautiful, but just not enough to get the 1st place.

7#Nina Agdal: THAT’S the way, how model feet should look like!!! Rather big, but not too big, slender and with quiet long beautiful toes. Nina’s feet are very attractive and the skin colour is really nice. The toes look also very beautiful, because of the good shape and that they form the perfect toe arrangement (the length of the smallest toe to the biggest increases gradually). Of course Nina’s toenails are also very sexy shaped. The only reasons, why she isn’t higher, is for once that I like the skin colour of the others a little bit more, but this is rather the weaker reason. Rather the fact, that her toenails are not so good without nail polish as the toenails of the others with nail polish (I know, it is a stupid reason, but I needed something for the rating). Nina has still amazing feet and if you like, you can check out her YouTube channel. She makes nice videos and you can see this beautiful Dane more often.

6#Helena Christensen: Okay, for anybody, who has never hard about Helena Christensen. She is one of the most successful models of all time!! She is on the success level, like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and many more of these super models. She even looks stunning to this day. Not without any reason she is one of the best models. Helena has also super model feet. She even knows, how to pose them in a sexy way, as we see it from the picture. Her feet are very well shaped and have an amazing skin colour. I love darker feet and these super gorgeous toes. I amazed that again a woman with the perfect toe arrangement is found on this list. I thought that this arrangement is rare. Maybe I was wrong. Also her toenails are really hot, even if I think that she should have used a brighter nail polish, because dark on dark is not very effective, but it is not a problem. Definitely one of the best feet on this list. Unfortunately, she can only get the 6th place, because, as much I love darker feet, her skin colour is a little bit too dark for my taste or at least too dark for Helena’s feet. Beside that, Helena’s feet belong to the best model feet I have ever seen.

OH NO!! I haven’t assumed that the last 5 placements will be fucking hard. Wish me luck with it.

5#Connie Nielsen: It could be that you have heard of this Danish beauty. She played in a bunch of great movies, like Gladiator and Wonder Woman. It is always interesting to see that some actors are not from the U.S., but from other countries. I always appreciate that. As a extra fact, Connie was also married with the drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich, who is also from Denmark. That is in my oppinion pretty cool, since I love Metallica. Anyway, we are here for feet. Not only does Connie look amazing for 53, but damn, these feet are no way from a 53 year old lady! It is everytime very impressing, when a +50 woman has such amazing feet, like Connie. Either these women really look after their feet or they have such fucking luck with their genes. I think in Connie’s case it is a mixture of both things. Her feet just look sooooooooooooooooooo young. The skin is really tight and has a fantastic colour. I also love her foot shape and her adorable toes. They are very sexy shaped and they form again the perfect toe arrangement! She is already the 3rd lady on this list with such a great toe line. Of course her toenails are also a treasure, especially with this black nail polish (I LOVE black). Sadly, sadly, there is one thing that forces me to give her only the 5th place, namely this bunion on her right foot. It is a realllllllllly small one, which doesn’t deform her feet, like in the case of Emmelie, so I can overlook it. Unfortunately, the remaining ones don’t have bunions AT ALL, so I just have to place Connie below the others. It is really a pity, because these feet are extremely hot, especially for Connie’s age.

4#Medina: Fuck my life, this was difficult! The left feet are almost on the same level of beauty, so to place them is really difficult. I somehow decided to give the 4th place to Medina. I like her shoes a lot. They look cool and a little bit dangerous. A combo that is badass;) Her foot shape is great and also her skin colour. I really like, how curvy her heels are and that they look sooooooooooooooooo smooth. Wow! She has also amazing arches, eventhough I don’t care so much about arches. There are also her wonderful toes. They are greatly shaped and again a perfect toe arrangement! Man, why do so many on this list have the perfect toe arrangement? Oh wait, these are nordic feet. They just have such super feet. No wonder that so many on this list have such good looking feet. I think I should visit once Denmark, because their ladies are not only a bless, but also do their ladies have super, super sexy feet. Eventhough I really adore Medina’s feet, she isn’t my number one in Denmark. The only problem are her toenails. They look not bad at all, but somehow they are not that well shaped as of the others. I also think that her toenails on all the toes, except for the big toes, look a little bit to small in ratio to the size of the toes. Besides that, Medina’s feet are top feet and very hot, especially in these badass shoes.

3#Anne Gadegaard: It hurts me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to give her the 3rd place, because these feet are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lovely. Anne’s feet are small, what is a very good thing, since I LOVE small feet. Her foot shape is extremely beautiful and her skin colour fits perfectly her feet. We have here also very well shaped toes, which form again a perfect toe arrangement or at least it looks so on this picture. I especially love her super shaped toenails and the contrast they produce, because of their light colour. I don’t know if this is nail polish or actually the colour of her nude toenails. It doesn’t matter, it anyway looks very well. What bothers me on this picture, is this shit on her feet. Can somebody please wipe that stuff off of these great toes. I would love to do that job and afterwards give her a relaxing foot massage. I bless Anne’s feet so much, but there is one very essentiel problem with her feet. Did you notice that I hadn’t used the term sexy for her feet? I made that on purpose, because, although these feet look very, very beautiful, I don’t get from these feet a sexy appearance. Anne’s feet are rather cute than sexy. Maybe you also noticed that. I really enjoy cute feet, but for worshipping or the winner of Denmark’s most beautiful feet, the feet should be sexy and not only cute. I think it seems so to me, because her feet are a little bit broad. Not a lot, but they are. It is the same with chubby dogs. They are extremely cute, but they wouldn’t be your number one on the list of most beautiful dogs. That is the only reason, why she couldn’t get higher, but I still love Anne and her very cute feet. Best regards Anne 🙂

2#Pernille Teisbaek: Man, I already love her shoes. They present Pernille’s feet in such a sexy way. Her feet have amazing arches, the foot shape is superb and a very nice skin colour. I also love, love her tattoo. I don’t know, what stands there, but it looks very suitable for Pernille’s feet. Many think that tattos reduce the beauty of feet, but in my oppinion, as long they are not big and beautiful, they can even raise the beauty. Here we have a perfect example for that. I also adore her very sexy toes. Again a perfect toe arrangement, who would have guessed? Especially her toenails stand out, because they are so attractively shaped and the pedicure is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I am in awe. Really extremely good feet. There are two things that led me to give Pernille only the 2nd place. Her toes seem a little bit too long, but that could only seem so, because of her shoes. The rather bigger issue is that my number 1’s feet just have a better appearance. Pernille can still be proud of such a sexy pair of feet.

1#Stephanie Corneliussen: I didn’t expected that she will be my number one. I already knew that she had won the qualifications in Denmark, but as I have seen this video the first time, her feet haven’t such a great appearance for me. This changed after rethinking. By the way, Stephanie played in the movie Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and in the sries Mr.Robot if anybody knows this series. Stephanie is thus not so unknown. Anyway, her feet have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo a sexy and elegant appearance here. Wow! It is probably due to her light skin colour, even if I normally prefer darker feet. I also love her shoe choice. That shows that Stephanie is very fashionable. Of course I also love her foot shape and this baby soft looking skin. I want so badly to touch her feet. We have also here very sexy shaped toes, which form again the perfect toe arrangement. And last, but not least, these supreme toenails with this very beautiful orange nail polish. I don’t know if I will give my vote her or Jugan Kazim in the first round of the world cup, but her chances are not bad. I wish you good luck in the competition Stephanie and much love to you and your very sexy feet.             


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